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“Zombie Queen of LA”

In post-apocalyptic LA, a disgruntled ice cream truck driver selling brain flavored popsicles discovers zombies are part of a secret government scheme to breed them for free labor despite having a cure for their affliction, so she leads them to freedom as their new zombie queen.


“This show asks the question: does diversity include zombies?”

Starring Tara Erickson

In the strictest sense, “Zombie Queen of LA” is about diversity. This female-driven satire is centered around Samantha Rodriguez Jones, “Sam” for short, a disgruntled ice cream truck driver. Sam is a no-nonsense individual who treats everything like a mission. When you’re Sam, you go hard or go home.

The new twist!

The world has been hit hard with a zombie apocalypse. But Sam learns about a new kind of zombie that does not crave human flesh. They want coffee. These jittery half-human half-zombies are called “half-caf’s.” They are socially conscious, environmentally friendly, and love high fashion.

Now Sam’s parents were eaten by the old-fashioned zombies. So, she holds a grudge against anything zombie related. But when she finds out her roommate is the leader of these newfangled zombies, and her beloved crush is also a half-caf, she is truly on the horns of a juicy dilemma.

Sam wants to move on from her inner wound. But can she do it in relationships with “half-caf’s” that still have some zombie traits? This conflict is the main source of her character arc and the driving force for comedy.

Sam’s emotional journey springs to life when she’s bitten by an old-fashioned zombie. Her only chance to remain human at any level is to be vaccinated with a secret antigen that spreads faster than the disease and turns you into a “half-caf.”

Sam takes the jab to stay alive. But now she has become what she hates the most.

A zombie.

This is when her prejudice hits home. She’s confronted with her intolerance of half-caf’s. And this is when the theme of diversity comes into play.

Sam realizes that no one is free until all people are free including half-caf’s. She learns to truly care about others. Now we root for her because, her newfound tolerance and love for diversity makes her a beacon of hope for others to follow. Her emotional journey becomes ours.

But she received the last vaccine. Why was there only one left?

Sam discovers a large corporation that owns the vaccine is refusing to distribute it because, they want a race of zombies to use for cheap labor. So, they’ve squashed any ability to dispense the drug.

This is when Sam charts a new course for her life. She is going to expose the evil conspiracy that’s keeping the undead from recovering. And she will source the ingredients herself to make the vaccines. Sam will save the world one zombie at a time if she has to.

Now there’s a total of four half-caf’s in the world including Sam. She’s joined by two of them: her southern belle roommate, and her oddly hunky love interest.

But the remaining half-caf has her own ideas on how to run the world. And she’s going to kill Sam to become the ruthless leader of society.

At the end, the reward for the viewer will be more than just laughs. It will reveal how marginalizing people – half-caf zombies or otherwise – is harmful to us all, and humanity grows stronger with inclusion and diversity. 

Tara Erickson is the award-winning actor, writer, producer, director of “A Real Killjoy” a festival favorite zom-com short film.